Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Year Long Mystery Shawl KAL


Acronyms are fascinating aren't they? Up until now I've gone my entire life without knowing what a CAL or KAL was. I wonder now how I ever managed without either of them. They are so addictive.

A CAL is a crochet-a-long and a KAL is, you guessed it, a knit-a-long. There are many KALs and CALs. Many of these available by subscription from local and online yarn stores, designers and of course Ravelry. There are mystery KALs too and these are so addictive.

You see I get bored knitting. Eager to start a project, I am even more eager to finish it. It has to go fast or I put it aside. This is one of the reasons I have mostly crocheted instead of knitted. Finishing things is never a problem when I crochet. Knitting for me is another story.

I do have to stop adding new projects to my Rav notebook, really. Un-hunh, yes I mean it!

But I was scrolling around the forums on Rav yesterday and found another mystery shawl kal. This is a free kal, nothing to buy. The first clue came out in January but sign-ups are still allowed until February 13th.

Ya know I had to right? I just couldn't help myself. I joined the group and downloaded the first clue. I'm not that far behind actually. The first clue is only 52 rows and there is still time in February to catch up with February's clue.

I chose Gems Merino in fingering weight in a lovely medium olive green. I have some other shades so if I need to do a graded colourway I can. Stitches have been cast on and I'm 13 rows into the clue. Because of my hands I have to stop and rest every couple of rows but I can see the pattern developing. It is so exciting!

What I think I like about kals especially mystery kals is that you get the pattern in small chunks. I can do small chunks and I love the anticipation about what comes next. I think I might actually finish this one.

If you are interested in doing this kal you had better hurry. Sign-ups close on Feb. 13th. Head on over to Ravelry and look for the group 2010 Lace Sampler Mystery KAL.